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One of the biggest discoveries aimed for the relaxation of body is undisputedly the floating which is based on the principle of weightless swimming and on the simulation of perfect surroundings of the Dead Sea. The discoverer of floating is the American scientist and writer Dr. John Lilly who gave already in a year 1954 to build the first floating tank.

Later at the turn of 70th and 80th years could the American use for only 20 dollars/hour so-called floatations´s tanks which were by one magazine indicated as „one of the hundred biggest discoveries in a history of the humanity“.




What the floating tank is ?

How affects the floating on a body ?

How affects the floating on a psychic ?

Application : HYDROTHERAPY.

Where can I know more about floating and its price?

Firms and private persons using floating – references.


What the floating tank is ?




This unusual method of relaxation offers very quick relaxation of body and spirit. We will reach it for one hour´s stay in floating tank which is filled with warm, thick and salt liquid which floats the body and imitates to a considerable extent the state of weightlessness. Because the space of tank is closed and the man inside is detached from all outer percepts, it comes easily to the absolute relaxation of locomotion system, knuckles, muscles but also consciousness. The effect increases the whirling jets which are built-in into the bottom of a tank and on the periphery of equipment which the relaxationer controls from within.

Generally it recommends to stay as long as possible in a state of silence and quiet, in the second half of relaxation´s time it is possible to feel the massage effects of whirling jets, or to let „flow down“ on body the tones of pleasant relaxation´s music. The people who suffer from the phobia from the small space should before the entry into the floating tank consult their problem with a specialist. Sometimes it helps when the relaxationer lets semi-open a lid of a tank.





How affects the floating on a body ? 



The relaxation can positively show on the general health state. The experiences confirm that after floatation it comes to the improvement of locomotion system, to the decline of pains of knuckles, to the increase of their mobility, the fractures and other injuries heal quickly, thanks to the salt surroundings the whole organism cleans up and wash up the outflowing products which cause the irritation, tiredness, depression. The hemic riverbed expands, it comes to the so-called vasodilatation effect – into the cells come more nourishing matters and speeds up the washing off lactic acid from a body.






How affects the floating on a psychic ?


The study of Finnish doctor John Turner predicates that floating reduces the quantity of stress biochemical matters and their favourable level keeps not only all over the days but also the weeks. During the relaxation in tank it happens to production of endorfins in brain and to creation of pleasant feeling of euphoria. As this feeling can persist, the human being will begin to equalize well with different stress situations, he becomes more well-balanced and friendly, sleeps well, the memory and efficiency gain and the probability of disorder goes down.


But this is not all. The floatation evokes the production of brain waves alpha and makes possible even to tune the brain on the waves theta. This is the state to which the human being gets only thanks to long-term training of certain meditation techniques. It also happens to synchronization of both brain hemispheres. This leads among others to creation of optimal balance of body and mind which is a good thing for range of positive changes in sphere of psychic but also for adjustment of range of physical body´s functions. The blood pressure normalizes, the cardiac activity and the functions of respiratory system gain, the nervous system stabilizes etc.


By the stay in floating tank the human being forgets on the outer world and is able to fully concentrate on what proceeds inside his body and mind. Some relaxing people compare the stay in floating tank to effect of drug because except of all what was mentioned it appears the feeling of quiet unreasonable luck.


There are much more favourable and interesting effects to human organism than we can cover here. Floating is without question the means which makes possible to return to medicinal power of nature and again to feel how it was when we were found in save world of mother´s womb closely before the birth. In conclusion it is necessary to add that floating is accessible in our country and we believe that it will soon become common part of good fit-centres or centres of natural medicine.





Application : HYDROTHERAPY


  • the painful syndrome of cervical backbone, pectoral backbone, lumbar backbone on the base of degenerative changes of backbone, on the base of states after accidents

  • the states after operations of cervical, lumbar backbone

  • the states after operations of prolapse of intervertebral disks

  • the hereditary handicaps of backbone – scoliosis and kyphosis in children´s age

  • Scheuermann´s disease

  • rheumatic diseases

  • degenerative changes of knuckles – arthrosis

  • states of knuckles after accidents – states after fractures

  • states after contusions of knuckles, states after operations of knuckles

  • replacements of knuckles

  • lighter forms of peripheral paralysisses

  • depressions, stresses

  • dermal diseases – psoriasis, atopic eczema

  • relaxation influence – tiredness´s syndrome



Where can I know more about floating and its price?


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